Ep. 598 – Best-ish Of 2020

Flopping over the finish line never looked so good.

In what we think is record time, the guys got their Best Of awards done in only the second week of January. After that burst of activity, you’d think they’d need a nap, but instead they are fortified by fine Indian cuisine, with Evan keeping local with Gorkha Palace and Dave ranging out to Wayzata and Bukhara Indian Bistro. The guys take a look back on the decade that was last year and manage to tease out some of the brightest moments of food and foolery recorded on your favorite restaurant podcast.

Once again we want to thank all the great servers, cooks, bartenders and every other person in the food world that put themselves on the line so that we can keep doing the show. We aren’t worthy, but you still feed us anyway.

Outstanding Achievement In Pandemic Response – France 44 Cheese Shop (Episode 560)
The “Open The Hell Back Up” Award – Handsome Hog (Episode 589)
The “Kill Us With Carbs” – Rosalia (Episode 584)
Special Mention – Craft & Crew (Episodes 569 and 578)
First Annual Solo Dining Award (Dave) – Yangtze (Episode 591)
First Annual Solo Dining Award (Evan) – Hamberguesas El Gordo (Episode 563)
Best Of 2020 – Hope Breakfast Bar (Episode 581)

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