The Fancy Pants Gangsters are a collection of netcasters dedicated to the goal of providing quality audio entertainment in a shameless pursuit of wealth and power. While they have ambition and verve, it can not be said that they thought their brilliant plan all the way through.

Launched on April 1, 2008, has played host to hundreds of hours of quality audio entertainment, starting with the obligatory video game podcast as well as our currently running restaurant review show The Well Fed Guide To Life. Since that time, we have produced shows on film, comedy, and music of many varieties, becoming a sort of home for Radio K alumni including the long-running metal show Locust Lecture. In 2012 The Voice Behind was started as a way for fans of voice acting to hear what their heroes sound like when they aren’t fighting (or being) monsters. 2014 gave us the first comics show to bring pizza with Panels & Pizza, and the following year gave us its partner show Capes & Crepes as well as the latest music show Hot Song and science fiction radio drama series Redshift.

What’s in store for us now? Who can say? We have a lot planned and half the things we end up doing didn’t come from plans, so the only way to find out is subscribe, support, and spread the word about the best podcast network named after a semi-obscure George Carlin reference,


Dave Bergen

The simple things in life have become more important to me. Things like where to find the best sushi, what a true good beer tastes like, and the fact that all we need in this world is not love, but a good meal.

Evan Pedersen

Owner and over-exposed host of this here netcast network. I’m here, and by extension all you see on the site is here, because I apparently have a desperate need to be liked and a fear of having extra money. So here’s hoping I’m not completely obnoxious.

Thomas Kwong

Local musician, DJ, writer, and nice guy.