Welcome to Panels & Pizza. Hope You Survive the Experience

Actually, that’s directed at my arteries and wallet more than anything else.

Hey folks, it’s your host Adam Vermillion. You know, the guy with the only comic book podcast featuring comic book creators shootin’ the breeze over pepperoni & cheese? Yep, the very one and the same.

Only known photo of Your Host.

Only known photo of Your Host.

So the Network has demanded… er… politely requested, that all of the shows now start blogging and who am I to decline an opportunity to write something for you to read. I mean, I hope you’re reading it. I apologize if you were looking for comics & pizza porn or a phrase from some of your favorite X-Men covers (how’s Rogue doing these days), and accidentally wound up here. Hey, wait, don’t go, I’m friendly.

She ate the last slice.

She ate the last slice.

For those new to the show Panels & Pizza is a weekly comic book creator conversation podcast. Over 90 episodes have aired since November 5th, 2014 and there are no signs of slowing down soon. Every week, Wednesdays to be exact, or as we all know it “New Comic Book Day,” a new episode of P&P is released into the wild, waiting to find a home in your phones, tablets, and computers. Absolutely free of charge. Because that’s the kinda guy I am. The focus is on chatting with all the wildly talented comic book creators who live here in the Twin Cities area, of which there are many. They run the gamut from industry legends such as Dan Jurgens to fresh-faced grads from MCAD just starting out making funny books. As long as you have a comic to sell the show is open to you to join me for a few slices.

If you’ve been listening since the beginning, some cool new things are on the horizon. If you’re a brand new listener, welcome aboard. A big hearty “thank you” for checking out the show.

Speaking of checking out the show, here’s where you can find us, with links to all the different platforms in which you can listen to my guests promote their wares. There are also links to the show’s Facebook and Twitter pages so stop on by and “Like” or “Follow” me. And, if you’re feeling generous, because comics ain’t cheap and neither is pizza, please check out the Patreon page and toss me a few of those dolla dolla bills, yo!

Thanks for stopping by! Now grab yourself a slice of your favorite pizza pie, a copy of your favorite comic maybe starring that Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Guy (Not with the same hand!), and enjoy some of the finest comic book chatting available over WiFi.

Love, comics, and pizza!