Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 249 – Please Sir, Can I Have Some More E3?

As this gets posted, E3 2011 is in it’s final throes. Not that we know first hand, because we didn’t go. Not that we are bitter or anything. Thankfully, we have the internet which allows us to watch the Big 3 press conferences and then record our thoughts on them, which we now deliver to you thanks to that very same internet. Ain’t the internet grand?

We’ve got Vita, WiiU, Kinect, and all sorts of word salad on this extra-long show, as if that wasn’t special enough, we’ve got big changes as Courtney is officially off the show to pursue his future in dog hairdressing, only to be replaced be semi-regular guest Ian Anderson. Be sure to welcome him in the comments and on the various social networks.

By the by, did you know there was an actual Oliver Twist game planned by EA? I didn’t, and yet I feel great loss by hearing of it’s demise. Odd.

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