Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 93 – Hey Ma! Can I Get Some Meatloaf?

The title is an homage to the Who Asked You? guys. You should check them out to see why they are worthy of a Farrelesque homage.

One could call this part 2 of our Golden Bacon Awards special, covering both the Listener’s Poll (and it’s lucky winner) as well as addressing a grievous oversight in our awards. Luckily, this brings our total Golden Bacon Awards to 7 this year, up from 6 last year, which is less a commentary on our indecisiveness but more the amazing of the local food scene. Give yourselves a pat on the back, foodies! All this under the blues-infused vibe of the Newsroom, as the guys continue their way through Downtown (since it’s so close to Evan, and the less time they spend outside, the less chance of frostbite and an Alive situation)

The Well Fed Guide To Life is brought to you in part by The Four Firkins specialty beer store.

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