Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 79 – Life In Hell

It’s a very special episode this week, as we have our first guests on in far too long and our first chef guests ever! Mitch Omer and Steve Meyer from Hell’s Kitchen join us at Abu Nader Deli to talk about the new book Damn Good Food, which features nearly every recipe on the HK menu. The book also serves as a bit of a memoir of Mitch’s, whose amazing life was described as “making Anthony Bourdain look like an altar boy.” The chefs talk about their favorite foods to eat and cook, how visiting a boat caused the opening of a new location, and how Mitch feels about a certain local foodie whose intials are also the state code for Arizona.

There is an event going on September 30th celebrating the book release, and there are a few tables left. Email Cynthia if you can make it!

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