Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 76 – Wok-a Wok-a Wok-a

I’m so sorry, my love of Muppets and arguably greater love for horrible, face-meltingly bad puns compels, much like the power of Christ did to Linda Blair, to unleash this show title on an unsuspecting populace. Actually, I’m not sorry.

Having survived the caloric onslaught of the State Fair once again, Dave and Evan kick of our month long re-exploration of great eating on the University of Minnesota campus. For Evan, it is a return home. For Dave, it is a sad reminder of all those years wasted on getting a practical education. Sure, one can get all the fancy degrees and certifications, but if you haven’t experienced the Village Wok, you haven’t lived.

Special note:  The guys manage to get both the hours and whether or not they deliver completely wrong during the show. My guess is they were distracted by all the college ladies. Check the website for details.

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