The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 95 – HopChart

Sure we didn’t give this show the always cleaver witticisms present in the minds of your more sexy podcasters, but we decided to clamp down on the raw charisma you normally expect in our show postings to make sure you know about

This week,‘s creator Andrew Kaiser joins us at the Town Hall Brewery to discuss the site and how it can be used by beer lovers to rate, track, and discuss thier favorite beers with other like-minded people. We also get him to talk a little about his personal relationship with beer, we talk about Four Firkin’s proprietor Alvey way more than is healthy, and Evan brings a disgusting and largely confusing recipe for sloppy joes. Why would you not want to listen?

Also, urgent notice on the Winterfest drawing: you only have until midnight, Wednesday January 20th to join and rate beers to get a chance to win two highly coveted Winterfest tickets. Check out this link to find out more.

The Well Fed Guide To Life is brought to you in part by The Four Firkins specialty beer store.

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