The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 283 – The 97th Annual Well Fed Awards

It’s been a good year for food in the Twin Cities. Openings, closings, hirings, firings. Plus great strides in sausage gravy technology.

As per usual, we at The Well Fed Guide take the first show of the year to look back at some of our favorite places we’ve featured on the show. We then build categories around our favorite, because it’s really about what we want and not about being tied down by tradition or format. On top of that, Eat Street Buddha plays the Asian-fused host to our ceremonies. And so, without further ado (unless you are one of those anti-spoiler types, in which case there is the ado of listening to the episode first), here are our picks for Well Fed Awards of 2013.

Best Breakfast: The French Hen & Wise Acre Eatery (Tie)
Best Newcomer: 123 Sushi
Best Man Date: Town Hall Lanes

Honorable Mentions:
Caffe Biaggio
The Rabbit Hole
Gardens of Salonica
Daily Diner

Best Of 2013: World Street Kitchen & Red Cow (Split Decision)

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