The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 154 – Sammiches

The Well Fed gents do more than eat. I realize that it may be hard to believe, but it is true. They also read books, normally about food and normally while eating. But it still counts for something. Lately we’ve been reading Minnesota Lunch: From Pasties To Banh Mi, a new book by several of the writers at Heavy Table and edited by the only 3-peat guest, the soft spoken yet still masculine James Norton. Dave and Evan discuss the book with James at one of the featured restaurants, Cheeky Monkey Deli, while also talking about favorite places to get smoked fish and pie up North. They also try to determine the borders of the Pasty Belt and the details of The Singularity, which is probably the only time these have been discussed over a meatloaf sandwich.

Congrats to our listener Jimmy for winning a copy of the book. We even got James to sign it. You’re welcome. Dave and Evan did not sign it. You’re welcome. We are still looking for more reviews on our iTunes page, it helps our ranking and generally makes us feel good!

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