The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 152 – The Joe Pesci Experience

Knowing that this will eventually go on Facebook, iTunes, etc, it’s  hard to properly celebrate Joe Pesci’s oeuvre without running afoul of the censors. Don’t know how Twin Cities Tank does it.

While Restaurant Week was last week, there’s no reason to not still try some of the participating places. Rinata, for example, was on our short list, if the week was something like 9 days long. Unfortunately we live in the real world, so we’ll just have to suffice with fuller menu, more drink options, and still reasonable prices. C’est la vie. Being the social butterfly (or is it gadfly?) that he is, Dave went out to the Food And Wine Experience and gives his impressions, while Evan defends the manliness of ciders and the simple joys of standard Chef Boyardee Ravioli. Not included on this show is when Evan creeped out Kate NG Sommers, which thankfully wasn’t documented.

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