The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 139 – The Great Goober Grape Theory

Now I’m going to have the “Goofy Goober” song stuck in my head all night.

Since last week was all about busting Dave on being wrong about The Next Iron Chef, it’s only fair that we bust Evan for being wrong about something this week. After laboring over which error to choose, we have decided that this week will be all about how Evan was wrong about the fact that Ike’s would be too loud to do a show. Luckily the Monday evening crowd was calm enough for the guys to enjoy their burgers with the proper care and concentration. The guys also took the opportunity of relative quiet to discuss things like Weight Watchers, Dave’s exploration of the peanut butter aisle, mega-butter, and so so much more. And while this week’s show is not certified Angus, it is pretty fatty as it is.

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