The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 134 – The Problem With Yellowcard

Most people would perhaps argue that there, in fact, many things wrong with Yellowcard. It is only a guy like Evan that would argue that they aren’t gimmicky enough.

After the unfortunate (but ultimately important show-wise) experience at Burger Jones, The Well Fed Guide largely swore off new restaurants because they didn’t want to needlessly tar a potentially great place by reviewing it in the midst of the awkward first few weeks. So why did they break the rule for Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room? It could have been the free app, or maybe Evan’s desire to find a new place so near his home. The real question, my friends, is did it suffer the same fate as Burger Jones, or did it overcome that new restaurant smell of awkwardness to present something worth coming back to. And the answer, of course, is in the audio file loving prepared for you below. Hopefully it won’t be as overdone as the onion rings. /bazinga

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