The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 131 – Heroes In A Half Shell

While Stella’s Fish Cafe does not sell turtle (and if you don’t get the reference, you are either under 15 or over 45, so go back to your Justin Beiebers/Perry Comos), it is one of the few creatures of the sea that is not served at the fine establishment. The other is Spongebobs.

Lots going on this week, as the guys brave the skydeck for discussion of the many odd facets of seafood, Dave’s fear of heights, random food truck spottings, and barbarians. Also covered is USA Today’s 51 Greatest Burger Places, in which friend of the show James Norton of Heavy Table recommends The Nook, a fact that incenses poor David, who takes the opportunity to call Mr. Norton out on his choice. Will he take the bait and return to the show to defend himself? Only one man can decide that, and he probably isn’t listening.

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