The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 130 – Scenes From A Food Mall

Surprised we managed to go this long without making this joke….

Much like leggings and herpes, Minnesota summers may seem to be gone, but then come back without warning. Taking advantage of the nice weather, Dave and Evan check out one of the newer additions to Calhoun Square (aka The Food Mall), Uptown Cafeteria. Inspired by the homemade done hip vibe, Evan talks about his attempts to take more prepackaged things and make them like our forefathers made them. I wonder who Benjamin Franklin would have tackled the Snoball? Meanwhile (back at the ranch), Dave discovers a new love in an old Southern favorite. No, not Paula Deen. Dave’s always loved her.

CONTEST NOTE: Toward the end of the show we give details on how to win one of two $25 gift certificates to Senor Wong. You can check out our impressions on last week’s show. First 2 emails wins, so be sure to listen carefully.

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