The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 126 – I Can See For Miles And Miles And Miles

Our 3rd Annual State Fair Gastronomic Marathon is once again at hand. And while this year the show lacks a certain sense of impending death on the part of our esteemed hosts, it does not lack in culinary exploration, as Dave and Evan sample such delights as deep fried cheese burgers, deep fried bologna sandwiches, camel on a stick (not deep fried, thankfully) and red wine ice cream, which together sound like an episode of Chopped from a fever dream.

Does the absence of near-death food experiences mean that The Well Fed Guide To Life has matured as a show? Possibly. Does it mean that it was hotter than normal and we are just as fat as we always are, limiting our ability to walk, talk and devour grease without sounding like beached walruses? Most definitely. Regardless of why, a rather sedate and cultured prance through the Minnesota State Fair is in store for you.

Also in store is Evan torturing Dave on the Sky Ride, proving that while the show may have matured, the hosts haven’t.

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