The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 102 – Bread Then Deliciousness Then Bread

All credit for the title goes to Art Allen, who apparently doesn’t exist on the internet. If anyone has a link they can share, send it our way.

Another guest show this week. Not that someone else is doing the show, or some other show is in it’s place. No, we have a guest on tonight’s show. His name is Teddy Hobbins, and he writes for City Pages as well as his own blog called Hungry In Southwest. Teddy joins Dave and Evan at Cupcake and talks about his love of sandwiches, about which he writes extensively, and how being a “good” Catholic boy is giving him the no-meat shakes.

We also briefly go over The Oscars, which you can talk about here on our forums. Evan also mentions Logorama and The New Tenants, which you should watch.

The Well Fed Guide To Life is brought to you in part by The Four Firkins specialty beer store.

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