The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 100 – 100 Reasons Why You Are Fat

It’s been a long time coming, and no one thought it was possible. But despite having no discernible talent, few if any social graces, and little to no real worth as people, Dave and Evan have some how managed to do 100 episodes of The Well Fed Guide To Life.

And what a show! Marvel at Evan’s explanation why Enrique Iglesias’s hotness means that sangria isn’t a girl drink. Cower before Dave’s ego, propped up only by self-delusion and the occasional salty treat. And wonder aloud why El Meson didn’t throw the bums out at the first opportunity.

In all honesty, it’s been a great 100 episodes, made all the better by the support of our fans. Thank you all very much, and keep acting as ambassadors for this show and all the others on Fancy Pants

The Well Fed Guide To Life is brought to you in part by The Four Firkins specialty beer store.

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