Ep. 726 – Tube Meat Traditions

Seems an appropriate title in a year where Topal left us. Or maybe not. We aren’t good at the appropriateness.

Another year has passed and the guys celebrate with their two favorite things: supper clubs and meat exchanging. The first: provided by Creekside Supper Club. The second: provided by Herbivorous Butcher, Kramarczuk’s, and Mike’s Butcher Shop. The laughs? Provided by the guys. Or not, your tastes may vary.

Evan waxes poetic about Aldi salads and rages against the horrific graphic design of Zhora Darling, while Dave just grins about wheelie chairs and cold glass plates. Plus a birthday dinner at Moto-I, child abuse and corned beef standards round out this very merry Jon Hamm Christmas.

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