Ep. 722 – Artisan Fartisan

I wouldn’t go so far as to criticize a place on its hoity-ness or its toity-ness.

The guys head into the darkest depths of St Paul in pursuit of lake monsters, but come up a few yards short when they are wrapped up in the sophis-tiki charms of King Coil Spirits. And if any of those words look confusing to you, don’t blame yourself, we are still recovering from the drinks.

Lots of factual errors this episode, as Evan confuses China Beach with MASH (which had 100% fewer Delaney’s in it) and both guys can’t remember how many spices are in the Colonel’s secret blend, which I think causes them to forfeit their KFC entry rights. But they won’t bring back Chicken Littles anyway so they can go straight to the boiler room of hell. Yeah I said it.

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