Ep. 657 – Grease The Ramp

Sounds like an ADA violation.

This week’s show is late. Thankfully Dave explains why; TL, DR version is he cares more about his vacation and the status of his boats than he does about the show. We are beginning to doubt his commitment to Sparkle Motion. What we can’t doubt is our commitment to checking out yet another Asian place in St. Paul, this time On’s Kitchen.

Together the guys talk about the new Travail joint where there’s ice cream and burgers (honestly if they added craft soda and board game Evan would just move in) plus a little bit of should-be-sponsored content on behalf of Crosby, MN. Evan, meanwhile, kvetches about having to buy gifts for people and marvels at gravy.

We’ve got a new logo! Thanks to FPG master designer Ashley Hay for whipping it up for us.

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