Ep. 544 – Let Them Eat Kake

Evan returns with Philly bearing gifts.

Food halls are the hot thing nowadays, probably because of the guilt we have over what we did to malls. Once so pretty, but what man would want them now? Anyway… the guys head over to Graze Libations and Provisions  and partake of poke from Fish Bowl Poke and pit beef from Carbon Pit Beef. There’s a joke about poking beef there, but we are too adult to make it. Honest we are.

Evan goes into some detail about his recent trip to Philadelphia, which included meals at Morimoto, Tony’s Deli, Spread Bagelry and more, which you can find all over our Instagram. Needless to say it was a fine eating weekend. Dave talks a little smack about Disney in between bites of Tasty Kake Chocolate Bells and that’s pretty much all he contributes this week. No wonder he needs a vacation, must be exhausted.

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