Ep. 537 – Dive! Dive!

In which two guys in polos get side-eyed by a whole bar.

Clothing choices aside, the guys proved their commitment to the lower end of the foodie spectrum by slumming it to the Bull’s Horn, a new low-class estab….what? It’s a Doug Flicker joint? Piccolo and Travail Doug Flicker? But…grilled cheese? Macaroni salad? Tacos and pull tabs? Nothing makes sense any more.

The guys play some new games, like “Is That A White Power Thing?” and “Hipster Or Barfly?”. They wax nostalgic about American cheese, Evan talks about his trip to the Northeast Farmer’s Market and contemplates a new career as a cam girl, while Dave just complains about how much food his wife makes him while he just sits on his laptop.

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