Ep. 3 – Pat Shand & Emily Pearson

And to close out the third and final episode of the Day One launch you get two guests for the price of one!  Because that’s just the kind of guy I am.

In this 2fer you’ll hear from the creative team behind Black Mask Studio’s upcoming series Snap Flash Hustle.  That’s right! Both writer Pat Shand and artist Emily Pearson are on the other end of the Skype machine to give you the lowdown on their “Breaking Bad meets Sex and the City” romp of Instagram models and drug deals.  Damn, it’s a cool looking book and a fun read.  Better get a copy when it drops on November 28th and see for yourself!

So enjoy this doubled up guest list on this triple sized serving of 4LC!

Thanks again to Pat & Emily for swinging by to talk comics!  And thank you for listening!

Where to find Pat online:

Pat Central





Where to find Emily online:

Emily Central




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Next week:  The first of our sub-series of shows, Adam & Sarah Review.  We’re using our symbiotic powers to talk Marvel and Sony’s bonkers comic flick romp:  Venom!