Ep. 26 – Doc Wyatt

NOTE:  Some audio issues this episode. Skype was acting up. Apologies all around, especially to this week’s guest.

Speaking of, this week Adam & David are joined by the one and only Doc Wyatt! Doc has worked on movies like Napoleon Dynamite and tons of Marvel cartoons along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And, while we talk a little bit about those, we’re mostly here to talk about Doc’s new book with artist Chris Grine from 1First ComicsAlien Bones!  This one is awesome!

Plus, find out just how many childhoods Doc has ruined from writing cartoons!

Be sure to check out our opening and closing music provided by the very awesome Backyard Superheroes!  Thanks to them for the use of What If? and I Just Wanna Rock!

See you next episode!