Ep. 132 – Paul Castro Jr.

Delicate and pessimistic, like a sullen doily.

Not sure how Paul Castro Jr. would feel about that comparison, but honestly he’s got so many projects going on he probably doesn’t have time to fight it. Between Rikuya in High Rise Invasion, Rindo in Neo: The World Ends With You, and Forseti in Record Of Ragnarok, the dude’s got his hands full. Mostly with anime blood.

Paul sits down with Evan to chat about pursuing anime voice acting, getting distracted, and then coming back. He also mentions singing to his 4 cats, finding cult franchises, and starting Bill Hader’s career (if Mr. Hader wants to dispute this, he can reach out.)

Opening Song – Empire by HON-NO
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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