Ep. 130 – Cheryl Chase

All edits were fully approved by Cynthia.

When you are gifted with a voice like Cheryl Chase‘s, a multi-decade career as babies and toddlers can’t be far behind. After helping introduce the world to My Neighbor Totoro, Cheryl took on the role of “spitfire” Angelica Pickles, much to the chagrin of Tommy, Dil and the other Rugrats.

Cheryl talks with Evan about being mistaken for a good witch, how Angelica really isn’t all that bad a person, and her new children’s book, That’s Coola Tallulah. She also answers Ben Prendergast‘s question about wishes and drops a super-powered Bonus Question of her own.

Opening Song – Rugrats Theme [8 Bit Tribute to Rugrats] by 8 Bit Universe
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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