Ep. 128 – Akron Watson

The man with the plan.

Akron Watson is yet another Child Of Texas who has found success in the voice world. Must be something in the water.  But Akron has moved beyond the borders of the Lone Star State both physically to act in some musical about rapping revolutionaries, but also virtually, to places like Brazil in Michiko & Hatchin, the Middle East and more as Wiley in Jormungand, and the depths of spaaaaaaaace as Dunks Watson in Borderlands. He’s also somehow found the time to work with the Sihk Brothers and do a podcast called The Devil’s Advocate.

Evan has a chance to talk to Akron about what casting directors look for, the glorious prospect of Hanime, and having a blueprint for your entire career so you don’t end up just some weirdo in a basement making internet content. Wait….

Opening Song – Paraiso (Michiko & Hatchin theme) by Soil And Pimp Sessions

Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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