Ep. 120 – Dani Chambers

Once more into the anime breach!

Dani Chambers has a voice that instinctually makes you want to protect the person from anything that might cause them harm. That might be why she’s had so many roles as young girls put into bad situations, like Chise in The Ancient Magus’s Bride or Molly in Epithet Erased. But she isn’t afraid to cause her own trouble, be it as Ironheart in Marvel Avengers Academy, Mahoro Shimano in My Hero Academia or Dahlia Hawthorne in Ace Attorney.

Dani talks about making it in Texas, how a business card at a convention led her to voice work, and the trickiness of finding commercial as an adult who specializes in kid voices. She also finds some time to pitch for new seasons of Epithet Erased and Afterschool Dice Club, which just happen to be shows Evan likes but that’s not really why we put it in the show notes. Honest.

Opening Song – Glass Rabbit (Molly’s Theme) by Plasterbrain
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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