Ep. 112 – Bret Iwan & Kevin Conroy at GalaxyCon Minneapolis

A mouse and a bat walk into a convention center…

Once again Evan snags a couple of great interviews at GalaxyCon Minneapolis, this time with the latest Mickey Mouse, Bret Iwan and the greatest Batman, Kevin Conroy.

Bret works through the Day 3 Vocal Burn to chat about taking over for “the boss”, working with kids and their parents, and differences and similarities between a King Mickey, an Epic Mickey, and just plan Mickey. Later, Kevin breaks down what he sees in Batman after 27+ years in the role as well as his time working live-action TV and soap operas. Yep, soap operas. How great would a DC universe soap opera be? Wait, that’s CW…

Opening Song –  Batman The Animated Series Intro (8bit) by BeardOfBattle
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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