Ep. 1 – Logan Lubera

Oh hey there, welcome to For the Love of Comics.  I bet you love comics. Or love listening to comic creators talk about comics.  Or for some reason you like me, your host, Adam Vermillion , and jumped over here from Panels & Pizza .  No matter your reason for being here, welcome to the new show.  Thanks for being here.  I hope you’re doing well.

Episode 1s are always fun things.  Who should be the guest? Last time around it was Delightful Dave Wheeler.  When Panels & Pizza started I didn’t know any Twin Cities based creators other than Dave.  Boy howdy did that change over 48 months.  But, this time I couldn’t rely on my local connections, but I could go back to the well, so-to-speak, and on a global level this time.  Enter 4LC’s first guest:  Logan Lubera!

I’ve known Logan for 20 years now and he’s one of my favorite creators, a guy who has always inspired me to be better than what I am at my endeavors.  I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new show than with a peer and friend who’s pushed me for two decades.  I’ll cut this short because you can hear all about Logan and his  journey to becoming the Creative Lead over the Deadpool, Marvel, and WWE brands at Loot Crate.

So, here’s Episode 1 of For the Love of Comics.  And, Episodes 2 and 3 to go along with it.  Because it’s not only a new show, and it’s not only New Comic Book Day (sorry Aquabats, this is the best day of the week), but it’s also Halloween and instead of just giving you a rock I’m giving you the whole damn bowl of candy.

I’d also be remiss not the thank the best British Ska/Punk band around, Faintest Idea, for providing the opening and closing music for 4LC.  Give them a listen then give them your dosh.  Special thanks to their trombonist, and long-time friend and P&P fan, Rob Smith (aka Bobble), for sending the tunes my way.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for listening, and thanks for the support.  Let’s see For the Love of Comics take everything that was great and fun about Panels & Pizza and ramp it up a bit!


Where to find Logan online



Loot Crate