Blogulator Radio Episode 77 – American Horror Story: Asylum: The Netcast

Qualler takes a break this week (though not from writing this blurb! Huzzah!) while battling a nasty flu virus that is probably somehow (executive producer) Ryan Murphy’s fault, while Brigitte holds down the fort with guest co-host, TimTam. This week’s topic is the second season of FX’s horror anthology American Horror Story which, surprisingly, is much more coherent than the first season of said show. As one can guess, this season takes place in an Asylum (cuz it says so in the title!) and there are annoying things, like prisoners whose names are things like “Grace” (symbolism!) and serial killers named “Bloody Face” (cuz that’s scary!) but there are also some genuinely bone-chilling parts, too, and some things that actually hint at some actual depth beyond “Hey, I’m Ryan Murphy and I’m gonna throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks”. And okay there is probably one too many elements thrown at said wall (like the alien abduction angle, although I’m a sucker for alien abductions in general.) But that is not the duty of this writer to critique, since this writer sat out this episode. Listen to Brigitte and TimTam’s take on the season that is so far of American Horror Story. (Take note: you can watch all of season one on Netflix, which has made the first season available on its streaming service as of today.)

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