Blogulator Radio Episode 76 – Post Election Blues

It’s been a rough comedown from the hoopla of last week’s election, but Qualler and Brigitte are here to brighten your days with an all-new episode of Blogulator Radio. The crack research team at has been working tirelessly to bring you the election news you need, and in their research, unearthed an unfinished script(*) for an election day episode of HBO’s The Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin, which Qualler and Brigitte read for your enjoyment. They also give their general thoughts on the progress of season seven of Dexter and have some opinions on ABC’s new sorta-good-in-a-on-the-background kind of way, Nashville.

(*)Not really written by Aaron Sorkin. Thanks, @ProfessorScraps and @sarCCastro.

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