Blogulator Radio Episode 75 – Robot Prejudice

Chris and Jerksica split this week’s episode into two equally nerdy parts: part the first is a grand discussion on the nature of the multicam and single-cam sitcom filming formats, sparked by the recent news that NBC’s new parent comedy Up All Night starring Will Arnett and Christina Applegate will very suddenly and without much reason change to a traditional multicam sitcom in February 2013, replete with a live studio audience and head-scratching considering they just retooled the show by adding a new regular cast member and eliminating half of the show’s premise.

After way too much analyzing of the history of the half-hour TV comedy, they shift gears and play The TV News Game: True or False Edition (Working Title), in which Chris offers a number of options of both true and fake shows in development over in Hollyweird and Jerksica has to guess which ones he came up with and which ones are happening in real life. The exercise may or may not involve mentions of Zach Braff, Bonnie Hunt, Jane Fonda, Dan Harmon, water sports, booze, steampunk, and Atticus Finch defending robots pro bono.

0:00-26:01 Up All Night and the Great Multicam vs. Single-Cam Debate
26:01-50:55 The TV News Game: True or False Edition (Working Title)

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