Blogulator Radio Episode 13 – Havin’ A Ball

In this week’s episode of Blogulator Radio, Brigitte and Qualler try a new segment that is fairly poorly defined and/or described called “What’s New……s?” They discuss the TV news of the week: one, Veena Sud, showrunner of The Killing and her arguably extremely silly and misguided comparisons to The Sopranos. Qualler and Brigitte also discuss the season premiere of True Blood and the possibility that the show could go on without the always-ready-to-be-a-lightning-bolt-for-controversy showrunner Alan Ball. The dynamic duo then gives their thoughts on the premieres of TNT’s Falling Skies and FX’s Louie, then cries and makes up over the latest airing episodes of Friday Night Lights and latest re-watch episodes of Six Feet Under. Hey, marriage therapy is more expensive than netcasting.

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