Cast It For You: Stardew Valley Pt. 1

Cast It For You is a new series where we ponder what your favorite video games would sound like if we channeled our inner Andrea Romano.

Stardew Valley is an indie darling that takes the Harvest Moon model of adorable farm simulation and adds something called Void Mayonnaise. It’s been nominated for many prestigious awards by right thinking folks, but the lack of voice acting may be what kept it from reaching its greatest potential. So we at The Voice Behind decided to help ConcernedApe out by casting for some of the many different villagers you can meet in between duck wrangling, slime hunting and kale harvesting.

Player Character:  Sure the main character doesn’t speak a lot, but that’s no reason to cheap out on talent. Why not go with the team that brought interchangable heroics to the Mass Effect series, Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer. There is no Renegade option in Stardew Valley, but it would be nice to here FemFarmer tell off that jerk at the Joja Mart.

Marnie: The Valley’s resident animal keeper, Marnie is earthy, friendly and perhaps a bit of a broad, especially in her younger days (although there are rumors about her and Lewis….). Who better to play her than Amber Nash? She has experience working with animals as Pam in Archer and Nash is just as saucy as Marnie is, at least in the fan fiction.

Shane: Marnie’s sullen and possibly alcoholic nephew Shane is the stereotypical crabby slacker. Something Wil Wheaton has played before. As Shane eases up, you’ll get to see more of Wil’s range and charm. Plus both Shane and Wil love beer and pizza and have a history with hot peppers. 


Abigail:  Bookish, shy, kind of weird but also terribly adorable, of course Abigail has to be played by Kari Wahlgren. We’ve got no doubt that Abigail has seen many of the anime titles Wahlgren starred in over the years, and we have equally no doubt Wahlgren has been spotted looking for frogs in the rain.


Dwarf: The Dwarf hides out in the mines north of Stardew Valley and totally doesn’t look like a Jawa. He probably resents the implication.  The Dwarf starts out speaking incomprehensible Dwarvish, we thought you’d need a practiced gibberish speaker like Stephen Kearin. He’s got experience working on nearly all the Sims games,which also prepares him for Stardew Valley’s “gift things until they marry you” dating game.


What do you think? Think you can cast someone better for these or any other roles? Let us know in the comments. You can also hear our interviews with Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer, Amber Nash and Kari Wahlgren by clicking on the links. We are still working on Wil and Stephen.