YAGS gives an Extra Life

Some of you may be aware of Extra Life. For those that aren’t, it’s a yearly charity where gamer participate in 24 hours of gaming to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. This year, the Yet Another Gaming Show team will be putting our bodies and minds to the test for the children.

The main date for the marathon is October 15th. Unfortunately for us, this is also the date of Evan’s wedding, which would otherwise occupy most of the YAGS crew. We are still working out details to do the marathon sometime before the 15th, so stay tuned to the show and the website for more details.

How you can help now is by signing up to sponsor the Yet Another Gaming Show team and pledge at least a buck for each hour we game (that’s $24 for you math majors out there). 100% of all the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network, and it’s 100% tax deductable.

We were going to do this last year, but fate conspired against us. Luckily we are 1 year stronger, so I have no doubt that we can make a real impact this year. Thanks in advance for your support, and keep an eye on the site for more information.