We’re doing it live!

Hello Redshifters! As promised in the Season 1 Kickstarter, we’ll be doing a live reading of 2 Redshift stories in a few months. We are still booking the venue so there’ll be more information as we have it, but everyone on the show thought it would be a great idea to do a brand new, never before heard story in addition to a Season 1 story.

What does that mean for you? Well if you’re an author, something potentially great. We are reopening submissions for short stories and scripts. For ease, here was our guidelines for our Season 1 submission period.

  • Submissions should be in either prose or radio script format. Prose format should be around 7000-8000 words. If the story is dialog heavy, it can be somewhat shorter, but it is easier to cut for time then create “filler”. Radio Script format should be 25-30 pages in length.
  • Science Fiction or Weird Fiction (Lovecraft-esque) plotlines only. If it sounds like it would work on Twilight Zone, then send it over. Horror/suspense with science fiction trappings are also acceptable. Fantasy/sword-and-sorcery will likely not be accepted.
  • Multiple characters, preferably different genders/voices, are encouraged.
  • Storylines can be mature in nature, but must be suitable for all ages. If it can’t be played in public in front of children, please do not submit. The children in question don’t necessarily have to understand or like the story, just keep the swears to a minimum.
  • If accepted, you will be paid for the license to produce an audio drama from your work. We (Fancy Pants Gangsters) will retain rights to the production in accordance with Creative Commons licensing. All other rights will remain with the author.

Deadline is Friday, June 26th (the day after Episode 5 is released) which is coming up fast so don’t hesitate. Send all submissions to and feel free to also send questions or comments if you have any.