Vote for Locust Lecture’s Top 7 Albums of 2020

There is only ever one list that really matters: the Locust Lecture Top 7 Albums of the year. As it is every year, you can help us choose the best of the best.

Check out the list of things we played this year, pick the seven things you like the most, and email it to us before the end of the year (the 31st of December). Ballots sent to us once it is 2021 according to our email will not be included. We will tabulate the votes, and proclaim the winners on the first show of the new year.

Artist Album
14Anger The Poison Tree
A1E5 Breed
Artus Cerc
Autoclav1.1 Nothing Outside
Bambara Stray
Behold the Arctopus Hapeleptic Overtrove
Blac Kolor Extinction
Blush Response Void In
Boris NO
Cathode Ray Tube Slow your Vapor
Caustic Wound Death Posture
Chepang CHATTA
Container Scramblers
Core Alter Voice Array
Dirk Geiger & Ajunahee Snowflakes X
Duma Duma
End Splinters from an Ever-Changing Face
end.user Timeline EP
enduser & Aaron Bianchi Objects in a Storm
Enduser X Metalogue Network’s Edge
Errori In Partitura Head in the Clouds
Freeze Etch All Context Vanishes
galcid galcid’s ambient works
Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg JAC
Hedvig Mollestad Ekhidna
Heinrich Schwarzer Zähler, Figur, Puls 0​-​2
Helen Money Atomic
Hexis Exstirpo / Exsorbeo
Human Impact Human Impact
Huno Huno Dream Fossil
Huntsmen Mandala of Fear
Hyph11E Aperture
Igorrr Spirituality and Distortion
Insect Ark The Vanishing
INTRINSIC Think With No Words
Kadaitcha Tar
KPT Big Witch
KPT Dark.House
Krallice Mass Cathexis
Kruelty A Dying Truth
Lingouf Eclozarea
Marja Ahti The Current Inside
Matt Jencik Dream Character
Mega Drive Sequencer
Metal Preyers Metal Preyers
Mourir Animal Bouffe Animal
Mrs. Piss Self-Surgery
Nghtcrwlr HiSeq_Let The Children Scream
Of Feather and Bone Sulfuric Disintegration
OLD MAN GLOOM Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being
Oliver Dodd Kephri
Ours Ours
Oval Scis
Primeval Well Primeval Well
Production Unit Xero Variable States
Pyrrhon Abscess Time
Rhys Fulber Resolve
Seven Orbits EP0001
Shiro Fujioka Negroshima
Siamgda Symbiotic Creatures
Solypsis Pigments
Soul Tangler Thread and Seam
Sumac May You Be Held
Synalegg Beating The Odds
Synapscape A Journey Through Concern
Synapscape A Mutual Disagreement
The Necks Three
The Outside Agency Stories from the 9th Dimension
Tokee & Tapage The Collider Circle
Trash Panda QC Jumps 19
Ulcerate Stare Into Death And Be Still
V/A FORMS OF HANDS 20 – 20th Anniversary
Waclaw Zimpel Massive Oscillations
Wailin Storms Rattle
Wirewound Discharger
Zeal & Ardor Wake of a Nation
Zeit Zeit