Vote for Locust Lecture’s Top 7 Albums of 2019

Lots of places are putting out their lists of best things for the year. Luckily you can vote for the only list that really matters: the Locust Lecture Top 7 Albums of 2019.

Gaze into the list below of things we played this year, pick the seven things you like the most, and email it to us before the end of the year (the 31st of December). Ballots that our email declare as being from 2020 will be deleted. We will tabulate the votes, and unveil the math based winners on the first show of the new year.

Artist Album
<1979> Overload
13th Monkey Abyssal Disruption
Abusiveness Ignis Aurum Probat
Adrift Pure
akkamiau​ InTerjeCtions EP
Anatoly Grinberg & Mark Spybey 123 m
Bergraven Det framlidna minnet
Black Lung The Great Manipulator
Blanck Mass Animated Violence Mild
Boy Harsher Careful
Buildings Negative Sound
Cathode Ray Tube Intona Remorae
Cathode Ray Tube SPLITSINGLE
Cervello Elettronico TOP DED CTR
Chaperone Zen Hangover
Chop Chop The Mechanism
Christoph de Babalon Hectic Shakes
Cloud Rat / The World is a Vampire Blightseed
Cloud Rat Pollinator
Continuum Designed Obsolescence
Current Value Far Layer
Death Carrier Portal
Deathmachine Drum Coefficient
Defacement Deviant
Distaste Deibel
Distortion Six Norze
Download Unknown Room
Duke Uingizaji Hewa
Duluoz Dark Mystic Marker
Earth Full Upon Her Burning Lips
Eight Frozen Modules The Lost And Found Psychosis of Eight Frozen Modules V​olume 1
ELEH Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis IV
ELEH Home Age 2
Emptyset Blossoms
End.user & Aaron Bianchi + Velos & NLIC Horizon/Frostbite
Enja Bergman Existence Penality
Ernia Ernia
exm 1411635
False Portent
Frail Body A Brief Memoriam
Friendship Undercurrent
Geistform United Radiation
Gooooose Rusted Silicon
Great Falls A Sense of Rest
Greyhound A Storm Is Coming
Gutenberg Unnecessary Bronze
Hannes Grossmann Apophenia
Haraam & DFFDL 12 Years
Helms Alee Noctiluca
Hippie Diktat Gran Sasso
Horcrux Loss & Grief
Horsehunter Horsehunter
Hour Of Penance Misotheism
Ilkae Formal Format
Jérôme Chassagnard Wind
Jessica Ekomane Multivocal
John Zorn Salem, 1692
K.P.Z.I.S. Icaro
KPT Bear The Loss
KPT Gossip
L Ʌ V Σ N Anywhere
Last Days of S.E.X. Close to Destruction and Still Beautiful
Lightning Bolt Sonic Citadel
Lingouf Galactick Kicks
Lone Dancer Cadence
Lord Mantis Universal Death Church
Luke Lund Pattern Recognition
Martyrdöd Hexhammaren
Meka Ending My Life to Destroy Yours
Michael Valentine West All Beacause Of You
Mind.Divided Behind the Veil
Minors Abject Bodies
Mondkopf How Deep Is Our Love?
Mono No Aware Mujoo
Multicult Simultaniety Now
Nadia & Chaperone negative haiku
Nile Vile Nilotic Rites
No One Knows What The Dead Think No One Knows What The Dead Think
Ohmega Sir Digital Rituals
Orphx/JK Flesh Light Bringer
Othello Aubern Swec Rollo
Papivores Death And Spring
Pharmakon Devour
Phasenmensch Haunted [The Gentle Indifference Of The World]
Phil Von Made Underclouds
Planet Supreme Planet Supreme
Production Unit Xero Tales From The Crystal City
Ruido Del Cielo Strukturelle Maschine
salt Machiakari
Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma Intemporel
SECT Blood of the Beasts
Seine 22
Shotgun Orchestra Big Brother is Watching
Signalstoerung UU
Silver Waves A-Biz / Tunnelling
Sinmara Hvísl Stjarnanna
Sinners Bleed Absolution
Sisso Mateso
Slow White Fall Total
Somatic Responses The Decision Tree
Soul Tangler Ripper
Stahlschlag Anthology
Strange Arrival Imposter Syndrome
Sunn O))) Life Metal
Supersimmetria Abiogenesis
Syntech Shadows Above Me
Takafumi Matsubara Strange, Beautiful and Fast
Talvekoidik Within And Beyond
The Peoples Republic Of Europe Red Rotterdam
The Teknoist Transcend Nihilism
Thlaaflaa Partings And Renunciations
Thlaaflaa Thlaaflaa-Partings And Renunciations
Tomohiko Sagae Entrainment
Torpor Rhetoric of the Image
Vacivus Annihilism
Verdun Astral Sabbath
Vitriol To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice
Wax Lead / Luna Honey Honey On The Moon / Psalm
Wax Lead Husband, Lord, & Master
Weldroid & Friends Maneuvers
V/A Forms of Hands 19
Xuiqen Moiré
Yaporigami We Dance Alone