Vote for Locust Lecture’s Top 7 Albums of 2017

The time has come to vote on the best in evil music. Look through this list of albums that we played and put together your ranking of the best seven and send it to before the end of the year (this means before the end of December 31st). If our email says it was sent in 2018, we are obligated to hit delete. All ballots will be run through our great tabulation system, and the mathematically superior albums will be proclaimed the winners.


Artist Album
_whtspce Pale Cocoon
‡Starvingpoet§ Dissonant Sibilants
Aleph Coiled
All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal
Ancient Methods The First Siren
Autoclav1.1 & Displacer Spacetime
Bary Center How Do You See Yourself
Belief Defect Decadent Yet Depraved
Blanck Mass World Eater
Blush Response Infinite Density
Bullshit Market x Pollux EP
Celeste Infidèle(s)
Cement Tea Cement Tea
Chelsea Wolfe Hiss Spun
Cloud Rat / Disrotted Cloud Rat / Disrotted – Split LP
Comity A Long, Eternal Fall
Converge The Dusk In Us
Cormorant Diaspora
Cosmic Reef Temple Age of the Spaceborn
Coughdust Worldwrench
Cowards Still
Delete Muscovite
Demonic Death Judge Seaweed
Displacer The Face You Deserve
Distortion Six Fierce
EFF DST Blackout
Emptyset Borders
Empusae Lueur
Enduser Enter To Exit
Ex Eye Ex Eye
False Hunger
Fizzarum Frisson
Fleshmeadow Umbra
Fleshpress Hulluuden Muuri
Fucking Cowards V
Full of Hell Trumpeting Ecstasy
Full of Hell & Nails Full of Hell & Nails Split 7″
Gigan Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence
God Mother Vilseledd
Greyhound Ground
Gutslit Amputheatre
Haggatha V
Harpon Béji
HECQ Chansons de Geste
Helpless Debt
Hexis Tando Ashanti
Hexis XII
Hitoshi Kojima Twisted
Hundred Visions Brutal Pueblo
Huron Inside Information
Hymn Perish
Hypnoskull Die 4. Generation
Igorrr Savage Sinusoid
Imminent, Synapscape The Humanoid Problem
Immolation Atonement
Jason Tibi Buried
Kaibun Gloomy Alice and Sinister Jack
L’Effondras Les Flavescences
Last Days of S.E.X. Sabotage Normality
Melania . Rimorsum
METZ Strange Peace
Mirland Mechanic
Mono No Aware Oto
Monolog Conveyor
Mother Moon Bathed In False Light
Nebulo Zellige
New Frames Resistance Through Rituals
Ontal Amass
Oudeis Opus
Pharmakon Contact
Phasenmensch & ICD-10 Divinity/Unity/Nothingness
Philipp Munch Post Elysium
Pygmalion Supersymmetry
Pyrrhon What Passes For Survival
r.roo shilly-shally
Regurgitate Life Obliteration Of The Self
Ruetz Melanoma
S S S S There Is No Us
S.K.E.T. Capitalism – Continuing Crisis
SaturmZlide Human Art Engines
SB-Six Trajectories EP
Semiomime Close Ones
Shackles Lifeless Paradise
Singing In The Brain Singing In The Brain
Sloth Herder No Pity, No Sunrise
Slow V – Oceans
Slund The Call Of Agony
Somatic Responses Dark Machines
Somatic Responses Pattern Seeking
Stondar Stondar
Sunless Urraca
Sutrah Dunes
Svart Crown Abreaction
Teethgrinder Nihilism
The Blight Meditations On Insignificance
The Great Machine Love
The Heads Are Zeros The Heads Are Zeros
Theory Red Book EP
Tomohiko Sagae Sensory Deprivation
Tsygun Тлен
Twinesuns The Empire Never Ended
Ulcerate Shrines of Paralysis
Unearthly Trance Stalking the Ghost
Unsane Sterilize
Uranium Club All Of Them Naturals
Usnea Portals into Futility
V/A Forms of Hands 17
VMO Catastrophic Anonymous
Watchcries Wraith
Wiegedood De Doden Hebben Het Goed II
Yards Excitation Thresholds