The 3rd Annual Well Fed Awards

So as usual we are doing a Listener’s Choice award as part of our Well Fed Awards for 2010. For those of you who are new, here’s how it works.

Step 1) Take a look at the list of locations below

Step 2) Choose your favorite place

Step 3) Leave a comment or email us with your pick and why.

It’s just the simple! To sweeten the pot even further, a random commenter will win a $25 gift card to their choice. You only have until noon on Monday, January 17th to make your choices, so don’t wait. We look forward to hearing your responses. Thanks for listening!

UDPATE: We’ve pushed back the deadline to noon on Monday, January 24th. Also, while the initial prize starts as a $25 gift card, we’re going to add $5 for every 10 people that vote either in the comments or via email. So if we get 10 votes, the winner will get a $30 gift cards. 30 votes, $40, and so on up until we get 50 votes, which will mean the winner will get a $50 gift card to the restaurant they chose. So tell your friends, tweet, post this on Facebook, do whatever you can to raise the votes and the prize!

(Note: links for each place and the respective episodes forthcoming. Should be up later Wednesday-Thursday).

The Year In Well Fed – 2010

Episode 90    Vincent’s
Episode 91    Oak Grill
Episode 92    Subo (CLOSED)
Episode 93    Newsroom
Episode 94    Red Savoy’s Uptown
Episode 95    Town Hall Brewery
Episode 96    Saffron
Episode 97    True Thai
Episode 98    Town Talk
Episode 99    Anchor Fish and Chips
Episode 100    El Meson
Episode 101    The First Course
Episode 102    Cupcake
Episode 103    Peninsula
Episode 104    Fishman’s
Episode 105    Market BBQ
Episode 106    112 Eatery
Episode 107    Victor’s 1959 Café
Episode 108    Bar Abilene
Episode 109    3 Monkeys Pub and Grub
Episode 110    Emily’s Lebanese Deli
Episode 111    Namaste Café
Episode 112    Preston’s Urban Pub
Episode 113    Modern Café
Episode 114    Dusty’s Bar
Episode 115    Cooper
Episode 116    Tea House
Episode 117    Seachange
Episode 118    Barley John’s Brewpub
Episode 119    Elsie’s Bar
Episode 120    Shuang Cheng
Episode 121    Uptown Market
Episode 122    Chimborazo
Episode 123    Masa
Episode 124    Longfellow Grill
Episode 125    Red Stag Supper Club
Episode 126    State Fair
Episode 127    Kramarczuk’s Deli
Episode 128    The Imperial Room
Episode 129    Senor Wong’s
Episode 130    Uptown Cafeteria
Episode 131    Stella’s Fish Café
Episode 132    Yarusso Brother’s
Episode 133    Cecil’s Deli
Episode 134    Stanley’s Bar Room
Episode 135    Uncle Franky’s
Episode 136    Dancing Ganesha
Episode 137    Kings Wine Bar
Episode 138    El Taco Riendo
Episode 139    Ike’s
Episode 140    Everest on Grand
Episode 141    Tugg’s Tavern
Episode 142    French Meadow Café and Bakery