Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 303 – Kill Screen

So this is it, folks. The final episode. It’s only fitting that our editing is lax, our sound quality is suspect, our outline is pointless and our thoughts and actions offensive. It’s what happens when you get all 6 past and present hosts in a room together to talk videogames and reminisce about the 4 plus years of podcasting frivolity. In addition to a semi-feeble attempt to talk about the new releases, Evan and Courtney lay out their love for a Facebook game, Mike continues to diddle his Nexus 7, Jeff finally gets to play a videogame version of the Leonard Maltin game (which Ashley has real issues with) and Ian wonders how the hell he got involved with these madmen.

We broke the show into two easily listenable pieces. On behalf of everyone who has ever been involved in YAGS, thank you all for your support, your commitment to telling people about the show, and all the great times that we have shared, be it at conventions or online. We can’t wait to start talking about what is coming next for us. A special thanks to our editor Tyler, who was sadly neglected on in this show’s Oscar-length thank you speech. I’m sure his brand new son Gavin is keeping him so busy that he barely noticed the oversite.

If you subscribe to our iTunes or RSS feeds, don’t fret, once the new show starts up they will be converted appropriately. As will our Twitter and Facebook pages, which we’ll also keep up to date with stories and comments in the mean time.

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