Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 300 – Asterisk

No, not the lovable Gaul. We are of course referring to the slightly out of order numbering of this week’s episode. See the issue was that Evan’s insides exploded last week. Or at least almost exploded. This put a cramp in the recording schedule, although not nearly as bad as the cramp in Evan’s innards. But our special guest (gamer geek, WarMachine afficianado, Icarus tripper and part-time viking Chris Kluwe) is worth more than a mere episode 299. So we fudge the numbers. All in the name of good fun.

As if fabulous celebrity guests aren’t enough, we’ve got new consoles, new expansions, new MMOs, new Batmans and new ways for Penny Arcade to take my money to talk about this week. All crammed into 90 minutes of laughter and tears.

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