The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 305 – Call Webster

And no, this has nothing to do with Mr. Papadopalous. 

Once again real life rears its ugly head, but that means FOOD TRUCK SHOW for you kind folks. This week the guys visit Enconada, which gives a State Fair effort in taking one kind of food and presenting it in an entirely different way. Does it succeed or just make us sad with lost potential? Regardless of the outcome, Dave talks about his first experience with our new sponsor Whistler Soda, which is having its open house tomorrow night (link to Facebook), so come down and try some great local craft soda. And next week, baring more contractor related fun times, we’ll be chatting about the new list of State Fair foods. Leave a comment below, tell us what you are looking forward to, what you fear, and what haunts you in the night.

Speaking of which, the Well Fed Guide is brought to you by Whistler Soda, a new local soda brewery dedicated to normal flavors, real ingredients and returnable bottles.

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