The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 304 – Structural Integrity

There’s also a “strong buns” joke to be made, but we decided that the entendres should remain single. 

Once again the guys find themselves on campus, this time just up University to check out the Green Spoon Cafe. Because in addition to be super fun to say, bibimbop is also one of our favorite dishes.

The guys discus Dave’s lack of friends, Evan’s seating troubles and when it is acceptable to scrape. We also talk about Evan’s upcoming appearance at CONvergence and finally we completely forgot to talk about Whistler Soda’s grand opening on July 2nd. Really nailing this whole sponsor/sponsee relationship.

Speaking of which, the Well Fed Guide is brought to you by Whistler Soda, a new local soda brewery dedicated to normal flavors, real ingredients and returnable bottles.

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