The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 158 – Corn Bones

I must admit, once it was decided to have our traditional Passover show at the newest sushi and robata place Masu, I hadn’t expected to be naming the show after corn products. But hey, tis the season. Also important to note, “tis the season” is a good excuse for anything.

So while last week’s show was a great example of classic Nordeast, this week is more of what Nordeast is becoming, a foodie paradise where trendy people meet to do trendy things and generally set trends. Or defy them. I’m never quite sure. Being only officially a day old, this might be the most fresh a visit as we’ve done yet. At least until we become trendy enough to get invited to early openings. Jeez, Tim, way to drop the ball. Not as bad as Quiznos seems to on the marketing side, but still pretty bad.

Photo stolen from Lars Swanson, owner of the most Viking name ever and photog for the Heavy Table preview.

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