The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 129 – Long Long Way From Home

It’s appropriate that this week’s show is titled after a Foreigner song, and not just because of the Asian-Latin (Lasion? Asiatan?) fusion cuisine of Senor Wong Restaurant, Bar, Lounge and Bail Bonds (Bail Bonds coming summer of 2013). It’s more a general feeling of being in a strange land that throws the guys off, even though they just crossed the river into St. Paul. Dave and Evan continue to butcher the Spanish language with the throttling of words like arbol and ahogada, not to mention bringing up things like booyas. All that combines with a stiff drink or two, and it’s a miracle they can even spit out the opening properly. Which they don’t, by the way.

Stay tuned this week to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed for a chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to Senor Wong. After finding out we are big time internet celebrities, the owners were nice enough to offer the cards to our listeners. Please don’t tell them the truth.

Also props to Aaron Landry for providing our photo for this episode.

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