The Flyover Ska Show Episode 36 – Brad Klein

After 6 months of hiatus from podcasting, Courtney makes a triumphant return to the Flyover Ska Show.  While he is lining up guests for upcoming episodes, we will bring you an interview he conducted with maker of the upcoming film Legends Of Ska Brad Klein (aka General Moses).  Brad takes us on the journey of his life in music, which includes creating reggae-inspired workout tapes, immersing himself in Jamaican music as a radio DJ, and throwing the quintessential concert that reunited all of the forefathers of ska music.  Amongst the interesting anecdotes and life lessons, Brad describes the struggles and realities of making a music documentary.  I’ll give you a hint: it costs a lot of money to make a movie!

For more information about the Legends Of Ska movie, head to or check them out on Facebook.  If you’d like to help contribute to the making of this movie, please email us at

Big ups to King Django for creating our new theme song!

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