The Flyover Ska Show Episode 32 – Jay Kalk (3 Minute Hero)

Holy exclusives, Batman!  On this episode of the Flyover Ska Show, Courtney sits down with Jay Kalk from the unstoppable ska force 3 Minute Hero to exclusively announce the detailed future of the once defunct band.  Jay takes us on a journey through his vast musical career, discussing life as a constantly touring musician, travelling the world, and why he has made his return to Minnesota, the state the birthed him.  Along the way, the guys discuss the appeal of female fronted bands, why Minnesotans should be proud of Prince, and what it’s like to introduce ska music to the Chinese.

All you Twin Cities folk should make sure to head over to Bunker’s Music Bar and Grill in Minneapolis on Friday, June 17th to catch Jay and the rest of 3 Minute Hero!

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